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Support and Care

I have worked hard to qualify with my First Aid training with Rhodes to Saftey.

Established in 2001 and owned by Kerry Rhodes, it is the holder of the AI Business Excellence Award 2017

Knowing how to behave in an emergency could save the life of your furry friend. Being a

 first aider can be a daunting responsibility.  Accidents and illnesses can happen at home, out and about or in the workplace at any time. For this reason, gaining the best quality training is very important. so if you are interested in knowing some simple Advise&Tips click on the link.

Top tip tick trick!

Little Millie came round with her mum worried what she had found on her ear and yes it was a tick so I got my first aid bag to get the tick remover and quickly removed the naughty tick and Millie went home a happy girl.#tick #tickremover #firstaid #rhodestosafety #dogvideo x

Posted by The Suffolk Fairydogmother on Monday, 22 October 2018

During your dogs stay I will be looking after their every need,

so if they have special medical or dietary needs please give me further details when it comes to filling out the form.

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